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Welcome to HiBREED!

Elevate your CrossFit experience with HiBreed Training – where cutting-edge science meets over a decade of expertise in functional fitness. Designed for athletes at every level, our semi-individualized training programs are avatar-based and expertly fine-tuned to your unique skills, strengths, and weaknesses. BECOME HIBREED!


Our Prices

N Compact, clear training plans N New every week N You can start at any time
N no minimum term* N can be canceled monthly

CrossFit Plan

€89 /monthly

Detailed Athlete Assessment

Grouping based on assessment

You fill out the survey - we do the rest

More than 100 different training paths

Probably more individualized than most individualized plans

Video descriptions for all exercises

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Hibreed60 Plan

€69 /monthly

Detailed Athlete Assessment

60 - Minute Workouts (Warm Up included)

Science based, time saving strategies

Grouping based on assessment

You fill out the survey - we do the rest

More than 30 different paths

Video descriptions for all exercises

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Hibreed Hyrox Plan

€79 /monthly

Detailed Athlete Assessment

Mix of Running Workout, Strength Training and Hyrox Specific Prep

Grouping based on assessment

You fill out the survey - we do the rest

More than 30 different paths

Video descriptions for all exercises

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* 1h Live Video Review

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** 1h Personal Training

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Spreading the vibe

Believe us. Or our customers.

“My strength has significantly improved in just a few weeks. The training is tough and demanding, but it definitely pays off. I’ve been accurately assessed to work on and improve my weakness (strength). For instance, my deadlift went from a 1RM of 160kg to a 3RM of 162.5kg! Thanks for the fantastic support! I’m glad to be part of HiBreed! It’s worth it!”


“Thanks to the training plan from HiBreed, I’ve not only been able to increase my strength but also my confidence in lifting. Another plus is the knowledgeable support and the welcoming community behind it!”


“I was most thrilled about achieving my first muscle-up and visibly becoming stronger.”


“As feedback, I must say that the training plan is truly valuable. Every cent is worth it. Here are some of my improvements (December ’22 – April ’23):
Snatch: from 50 to 71.5kg
Clean: from 70 to 95kg
Deadlift: from 100 – 1RM to 100kg in workouts
And the list goes on with everything I’ve been able to improve (practically everything).”


Real training, real results.



Stop the Randomness

We enhance your performance with practical, science-backed approaches. Our programs are continuously developed based on the latest studies, ensuring they’re suited for CrossFit athletes of all levels.

Data & Science Proven




Say goodbye to generic programs. HiBreed offers training tailored to your unique needs, leveraging the latest scientific research to improve your performance, capacity, and technique.

15 Skill Split Levels


FINetuning for all levels


Your questions answered. From getting started to making the most out of your HiBreed experience, we cover it all. Dive into our FAQ section for insights on our training philosophy, how to start, and how to optimize your performance with HiBreed.

10+ years experience

evidence based, science backed.

scalable from beginner to pro


High Standards. Different Breed.

Our community’s transformations speak volumes. From significant strength gains to mastering new skills and improving technique, our members’ progress is a testament to the HiBreed difference.


Buy the plan, ENJOY the community


HiBREED. Our Story: A Decade of Excellence

Founded by Vanessa, Erik, and Thomas, HiBreed Training represents the pinnacle of CrossFit and functional fitness training. We are committed to ditching outdated training methods for a progressive, science-based approach that guarantees real results. We’re not just another program; we’re a movement ready to elevate your training experience. Welcome to HiBREED!

Thomas Barisich

Head of Programming | CF Level 2 Coach

Founder of HiBREED Training & main person responsible for programming the individual training plans. Over the past 10 years, he has worked with almost all of Austria’s competitive athletes and was the only CrossFit© trainer in Austria to coach a team up to the CrossFit© Regionals.

Vanessa Wagner

MBA in Sports Science
Fittest Woman in Austria | CF Level 2 Coach 

She was the only Austrian to take part in the CrossFit© Games 2019 and the CrossFit© Semifinals in London in 2022. Her years of experience as a top competitive athlete and CrossFit coach are incorporated into the creation of the training plans.
In addition, as a female athlete, she brings an additional focus with regard to the female cycle and hormones into the coaching design.

Erik Bakodi

B.Sc, Physical Therapist

As a trained physiotherapist, Erik brings a medical focus into training planning.
This also keeps the risk of injury as low as possible. In addition, he is available to provide advice and support for individual inquiries regarding injury prevention.


You have questions – we have answers.

Who is HiBreed Training suitable for?

Our training plans are suitable for anyone who wants to improve in the area of CrossFit/Hyrox and benefits from an individualized approach.

What does "semi-individualized training" mean?

We offer you a training option that considers both your strengths and weaknesses. A 100% individualized program is often unnecessary and not affordable for many. With our system, we can categorize you into a group that covers your levels and individual needs. Thus, you get exactly the training you need to improve.

How do I start with HiBreed?

After you have purchased your desired package in our online shop, you will receive an email from us with a link to an assessment questionnaire. Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we can classify you into the optimal program for you and then we will assign you to a certain path and give you some information via our in App-Chat.

What do I need to be able to join?

Our training is suitable for both beginners and advanced participants. That is, there are no minimum requirements to be able to join.

Do I have to sign up for a specific program?

You need to decide between our differnt categories like Crossfit or Hyrox. Everything else is on us. Once you sign up, you will receive an assessment form from us, which you need to fill out. Based on your inputs and data, we will then classify you for the optimal program.

How do I cancel my package?

You can easily cancel your package at any time in the Settings – My Training. From here just throw the packages into the trash folder.

Is there a commitment to the packages?

No. The amount for your chosen package is always drawn in advance for the following 4 training weeks from your account/credit card. If you do not want to extend/withdraw, you must cancel. 

What if I don't make any progress?

Your training is just one facet of your performance and everybody’s response might be different. However, we also want to provide you with all the tips and tricks to optimize your performance. If you think you are not making progress, although you are doing everything right, we can have a free conversation to change that.

Is there a way to be in direct contact with my coach?

Yes. We do have an In-App-Chat.